• Economical

    REMIX JET offerts the best prices and the best margins available on the current market. In addition, liquids are available in 500ml to avoid stores having too many stocks.


    The REMIX JET is even easier than the REMIX BAR, it is quick to configure and even faster to use. Your customers are served in less than 10 seconds.


    REMIX JET encourages a reduction in the number of bottles used in an elegant and practical way.


    Your customer can have a wide choice of liquids made in France and choose their own nicotine levels, a win / win concept.


    REMIX JET ONLY USES MADE IN FRANCE ELIQUIDS. All recipes were created by REMIX LAB. These liquids have been manufactured to high standards.

How it works?

The Remix Jet is a brand new e-liquid distribution system. It allows you to fill your e-liquid bottles in a few seconds. Attach the 500ml bottle to the support, and voila. In addition, 22 flavors 100% MADE IN FRANCE are available at incredible prices: 0.52cts / 10ml. You read correctly...

What do you prefer?

You have 2 solutions to arrange your bottles. The counter dispenser. To put on a counter, on a table or on a shelf, this simple yet elegant solution allows you to make available up to 6 bottles of e-liquids. The second solution is the wall dispenser. A modular wall dispenser to be fixed to the wall which presents a minimum of 5 bottles. Nothing prevents you from opting for both solutions. Do not hold back !

Counter dispenser
×6 Bottles

Wall dispenser
×5 Bottles

How many bottles do you need?

The modular system of the Remix Jet wall dispenser is an innovation that you will not be able to do without. Do you need a few flavors? Opt for a module of 5 bottles. Do you like having a wide choice of e-liquids? Opt for 4 modules which will increase this choice to 20 flavors at once! Do you only have a small wall space available? Arrange them horizontally or vertically to fit anywhere. Remix Jet is designed to please everyone.

Our products

Just Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit

Just Limonade


Just Banana


Just Caramel


Le Cake Cinnamon

Cinnamon Cake

La Menthe Polaire

Polar mint

Just Mint


N°7 Classic Mint

Tobacco & mint

Coffee & Roasted Hazelnut

Coffee & Roasted Hazelnut

N°3 Virginia Classic

Classic Tobacco

Le Cake Cinnamon

Cinnamon Cake

Just Strawberry


Just Schtrump

Smurf candy

N°7 Classic Mint

Tobacco & mint

La Menthe Polaire

Polar mint

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