Beast Flava

Butterscotch cookies
For the lovers of sweet treats (and vaping...)! It's a cookie! With butterscotch! How much better could it get?


Take a trip to Italy with this favourite Sicilian sweet treat: all the deliciousness of crisp, fried cannoli dough filled with unctuous ricotta cream- in an e-liquid. Viva l’Italia!

Aqua Frsh

Find a quiet corner, lie back and relax with the captivating aromas of ripe melon and sweet peach.

Tangy lemon blends harmoniously with sweet, fragrant tangerine in this cool new blend, perfect for hot summer days.

Sit back and dream of sunshine with this heady cocktail, a sumptuously refreshing blend of freshly squeezed grapefruit and tonic.


Freshly baked layers of buttery pastry meets a warm, sugar glaze, with hints of Madagascar vanilla – Your favorite donut redefined.

A sophisticated dessert blend of fruit cereal and macaroon, Pebbles boasts a powerful balance of creamy and fruit flavor with a sweet vanilla crisp on the exhale.

Pound Cake
Warm, sweet cake blends with bright notes of fresh lemon zest and fragrant Madagascar vanilla – timeless decadence.

Mystery juices

Love candy? Take a nostalgic trip with sweet marshmallow counterbalanced by spicy, sour flavours. Wake up your tastebuds.

Plain old strawberry ice? Far from it. The secret lies in the harmony of interplay between unctuous cream and flavourful fruit, giving this blend a distinctly gourmet touch.

Kide Waze
Who didn’t love popsicles as a kid? Get ready for a serious flashback to childhood.

Devil’s Anarchy

A seductive blend: quench your desires with creamy milk delicately scented with strawberry.

Hellishly delicious: a riot of flavour, of freshly-picked strawberry and ripe kiwi.

Lemon Tart, supercharged. Sweet, tart lemons, crisp, buttery pastry, and a dash of that unmistakable Devil's Anarchy fire. Get angry.


A timeless blend of iced fruit flavours. A pop star in the making…

Baker's Dozen

Circa Waves
One of America’s favourite sweet treats. Comfort food at its best- creamy pudding delicately infused with vanilla.

Gonzai Chok
Be seduced by unctuous chocolate, lightly scorched for delightful complexity.

BlueB Wave
Just like mama used to make! An American favourite: cinnamon roll steeped in syrup with a blueberry kick- it always hits the spot.

Pop Art

Karamel Popcorn
Salty or sweet? Sweet popcorn with a crunchy caramel glaze.

The French Bakery

Everyone’s favourite dessert: meringue, a touch of lemon. Time for dessert!

Belle Plaine
The classic apple pie: caramelised apples dusted with brown sugar and slowly baked in the oven

Pixelis Juices

8 bits : Passion Punch
It’s gonna be a hot summer! An intoxicating passion fruit burst that’ll have you dancing into the wee small hours. Consume irresponsibly!

16 bits : Mango Banana Split & Nuts
Sometimes you have to move with the times: take one classic banana split, sprinkle on some tastes nuts ans add a little fresh mango! Too good to share!

Red Ninja

RED NINJA : Watermelon Blackcurrant
A powerful yet stealthily balanced blend of watermelon and blackcurrant, this little Ninja packs a fresh and fruity punch.

BLUE NINJA : Fresh Lychee
A homage to the undefeated deliciousness of fragrant Malaysian lychee. Need we say more?

ORANGE NINJA : Orange Blast
The humble orange with the volume turned up to 11: this Ninja delivers a serious kick of fresh orange.

Mango Infinite

Subtle apricot meets mouthwatering mango in this Malaysian blend of sweet, ripe fruit. A liquid of unparalleled freshness and deliciousness.

A riot of refreshing fruit flavours that marries intoxicatingly sweet mango with tangy blackcurrant. Made in Malaysia, this is definitely one for those who love summer fruits.

Mouthwatering mango meets fresh lychee. A sophisticated cocktail celebrating the decadent aromas of South East Asia.

Mr Lemonade

A sophisticated gent, Mr Lemonade brings a powerful citrus kick of fresh lemonade. A man for all seasons, he can welcome in hot summer days or banish those winter blues.

Grape Lemonade
A twist on a classic: take plain ol’ lemonade and turn up the volume with a burst of rich grape. Et voilà!

Sparkling Ice Lemon Lime
Are you cool enough? A refreshing blast of lemon and lime, shaken over ice.

Cloud Batter

Cloud Batter
Cloud Batter e-liquid is like dipping your finger in a fresh bowl of thick and creamy vanilla cake batter.
Cloud Batter is a competition grade, e-liquid. It's perfectly blended for great flavor and huge cloud production.


A savory sweet extract of uncut Flue-cured Virginia tobacco with a sweet honey graham cracker finish.
Blackstar Canyon, originally named Cañada de los Indios, is perhaps one of the most storied locations in all of old Orange County. It was a part of the old Rancho Lomas de Santiago and has been witness to everything from an Indian massacre to coal mining and over the centuries, claims have arisen to its haunting. The history and folklore of Blackstar Canyon are as rich, complex and interesting as this flavor.

Cafe Racer

Lucky 13
Our award winning take on the classic RY4 style featuring featuring Creamy Vanilla, Toasted Almond and Caramel topped off with just the right amount of smooth Tobacco finish. Pairs great with your favorite IPA or other craft beer. Winner of Best in Show at Vape Summit IV for Tobacco Flavor.

FJ’S E-liquid

Cookie Craze
One exhale of this full flavored milky strawberry vanilla sugar cookie ice cream sandwich will have your senses going bonkers! The first of the ice cream cookie line, Fuckjerry is proud to present this frosty sensation to our vape family!

Crisp churros dusted with soft brown sugar and cinnamon- add a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and you’ve got a marriage made in heaven. Go loco! It’s Churronimo!

Sin City 66

Butterschotch Tobacco
A sophisticated blend of caramel vanilla butterscotch and smooth tobacco bound to leave you desiring more.

Fat Panda

Coffee Time - Mocha Latte
Rich, full bodied espresso mixed with bittersweet mocha and steamed milk.

Coffee Time - Roasted Hazelnut
Smooth dark coffee, infused with a subtle sweet nutty flavour.

Coffee Time - Mocha Coffee
A delightful blend of mocha, coffee, milk and ice, topped with who-cream and chocolate drizzle.

Uncle Gran's

Uncle Gran's
Peanut Butter and Banana


Caramel ice blended with macadamia
Pure decadence. The finest twist on tobacco: caramel ice blended with rich macadamia, for thick, satisfying clouds of pleasure.

Pink Paradise

Summer is coming… Find a quiet spot, lie back and cool off with chilled lemonade infused with fresh, fragrant summer berries. Life couldn’t be sweeter.

Release the child within! Find your little slice of paradise with sweet raspberry candy.

Take a trip stateside with this yummy little number- freshly baked donut with a sweet raspberry glaze. Thanks Uncle Sam!


A revolution in taste: rich, heady golden tobacco tempered with the sweet aromas of ripe banana. Bring out your inner rebel!

Black Mvrket

Inspired from the classic burger joint. A mouthwatering mixture of diced strawberries, thrown into the blender with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. Lastly, add a little bit of magic and you have the perfect Strawberry Milkshake.

La Delicieuse

A sophisticated sweet treat: caramel notes of crisp biscuit straws finished with the heady perfume of ripe raspberries, encapsulating all the elegance and harmony of the French culinary tradition.

That time-honoured favourite, the humble donut, reincarnated in this sophisticated blend of sweet pastry notes and fragrant Middle Eastern pistachio. Eminently simple, sinfully moreish.

A base of sweet, yielding meringue topped with lightly whipped cream and the gentlest dusting of chocolate: rediscover the timeless delights of this classic of French pâtisserie.

Ministry of Flavour

Dive into a world of pure indulgence. Rich, unctuous and decadent, savour the captivating intensity of a high-quality chocolate.

For those with a sweet tooth… A freshly-baked classic chocolate chip cookie, ready to vape. All that’s missing is a glass of milk…

Carribean Cloud Company

A black tea blended with strong spices that give Chai Tea it's wonderful flavor, and that real Chai Tea taste. Cinnamon, cardamon, cloves, ginger, and a hint of black pepper make this a truly wonderful all day vape.

Our version of the sweet creamy classic with a hint of the Carribean!


Think you can take him on? Iceman crosses new frontiers of refreshment with this clever twist on mint…

Bubble Crew

Bubble Gum
Find the whole magic of your childhood in this new flavor, the taste of chewing gum without bubbles.


Cubano Blend
A sweet Cuban cigar of artisanal manufacture with a line of creamy Vanilla. The Silver Stone, aged to perfection, will offer you a flavor of fresh and rich tobacco.

I Vape Great

Bubble Gum
That amazing bubblegum taste, which will bring your childhood memories back with a refreshing exhale.

Summer Blaze
Sicilian style cool lemonade, infused with mixed summer berries.

Cola Bottles
Just like the ultimate retro cola bottle sweet with a mouth watering cola sweet taste.

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